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OneTrust Partner, committed to safeguarding customer touch points, providing actionable insights, and managing risks. With extensive OneTrust implementation experience, protecting clients’ data reputation, and revenue.

What We Offer

OneTrust Expert Implementation

Experience seamless adoption of OneTrust with our expert implementation services. Our team streamlines the process, ensuring your organisation maximises the benefits of data privacy management quickly and efficiently.

License Sales

Trust The Data Privacy Group for all your OneTrust licensing needs. Our expert team and extensive knowledge of OneTrust ensure we provide customised solutions to meet your privacy programme’s unique requirements.

Data Privacy
Managed Services

Ensure holistic protection of your organisation’s sensitive data with our Data Privacy Managed Services. Our team delivers tailored strategies and ongoing support, ensuring compliance and peace of mind. All built on the OneTrust platform.

No matter where you are in your trust transformation journey.

The Data Privacy Group can streamline your existing processes, or work with you to develop entirely new ways of working, to make your trust objectives a reality. Our consultants’ people-focused approach makes Digital Trust an accessible and achievable objective across your organisation.

The Importance of Digital Trust in Today’s Business Landscape

Digital trust refers to the level of confidence that individuals, organizations, and society have in the security, privacy, and reliability of digital technologies. As the use of digital technologies continues to increase, the importance of digital trust has become increasingly apparent.

Digital Trust is the foundation upon which organisations must build their digital transformation. Without it, the confidence of customers, employees, and other stakeholders is at risk. Organisations must prioritise digital trust to protect their assets and maintain the trust of their stakeholders, and the failure to do so can lead to severe consequences. But, when digital trust is prioritised, businesses can reap the rewards of increased customer loyalty, improved reputation, and higher revenue.

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What we can do for you

Privacy & Data Governance

ESG and Sustainability

Ethics and Compliance

GRC and Security Assurance

Privacy & Data Governance

Turn customer touchpoints into Digital Trust points to drive valuable experiences and relationships.
Comply with ever changing regulations, establish trust with stakeholders and build an organisational culture of accountability which goes above and beyond compliance.

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ESG and Sustainability

Doing good is good for business. Simplify ESG reporting and create transparency with your stakeholders.
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) points at the formula for estimating the sustainability and ethical impact of investing in a business organisation. Most socially-responsible investors will scrutinise companies using ESG criteria to asses investments.

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Ethics and Compliance

Put your organisation’s core values into action and streamline the process of managing ethics and compliance.
Our professional OneTrust configuration service will empower your organisation to leverage the full technical capabilities of OneTrust’s Ethics and Compliance module and ensure that your implementation meets your business objectives and delivers all the desired benefits.

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GRC and Security Assurance

Transform risk & compliance data into actionable insights to support risk-aware decisions and build trusted relationships.
Configuring OneTrust’s Privacy, Security, and Data Governance Programs can be a daunting task for most mid and large-scale enterprises. And despite the platform’s considerable power to deliver myriad benefits, it does not reveal its secrets easily.

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Why work with The Data Privacy Group?

  • Peter and the rest of the DPG team are incredible resources to ensure our privacy program runs smoothly. The DPG team’s ability to understand the intersection of privacy compliance with technical systems and to convey needed information to internal business partners effectively is a great asset to any privacy program. Peter and the DPG team are also great partners to work with on developing and evolving our overall privacy program strategy.

    Srikant Mikkilineni
    Senior Counsel, Privacy and Data Protection - Vontier
  • What makes The Data Privacy Group so addictive to me is their authentic command of privacy laws and requirements, globally. They are great project managers, great system folks and they substantively understand data privacy. I now have one view over the entire privacy and compliance footprint, globally. We were impressed at how quickly we got the job done with DPG, and the artefacts that the team left behind.

    William Karazsia
    Assistant General Counsel, Privacy and Data Protection – Fortive
  • The Data Privacy Group provides us with a robust set of services and processes to ensure all aspects of our Data Privacy Management needs are met. Having fast-tracked our business to compliance, we now have the surety of an annual compliance audit as well as having a valued and reliable support system to deal with any ad hoc requirements we may have.





    Kanta Hirani
    Finance Director – CSP Ltd.

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