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consent fatigue

Consent Fatigue

Data is arguably a business’ most valuable “asset.” Since the introduction of modern data privacy...
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The 5 Steps of Data Breach Management

Are we becoming more aware of data breaches or are they are happening more often?...
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data breach response plan

Do You Have A Data Breach Response Plan?

A Data Breach Response plan helps a business respond to breaches of information privacy and...
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The Deal is Done; But What’s Next for Data Privacy in the UK?

The Brexit transition period is over; we have left the EU, and it’s time to...
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Stalemate in the Senate?

Definition of STALEMATE … a situation in which no action can be taken or progress...
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California: The CCPA is Dead . . . . Long Live The CPRA

What is the CPRA? .... a new privacy law?.... I thought we already had one...
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This invisible enemy which transcends geography, languages and political borders was responsible for approximately $3...
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Opinion: Privacy and The Marketing Battleground

Judging from the relentless bombardment of “buy our stuff” emails most of us receive, it...
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