Last week, our Premium Privacy Insights Forum included an article entitled What Does The CCPA Mean For Employers. We have today provided an important update to bring our readers up to date with ;latest developments.

The California Senate Judiciary Committee passed Assembly Bill 25 (AB 25), after pressure from organized labor groups forced some changes.

Originally, the bill was drafted to exclude employees and job applicants from the Act’s definition of the term “consumer”.

The changes adopted by the judiciary committee mean that AB 25 no longer excludes employees and job applicants from the definition of “consumer”. Instead, these will remain subject to the law, and businesses will be required to disclose the types of employee data collected, with whom it is shared, and the reasons for doing so. However, under this latest amendment, businesses will not be required to provide employees with the rights of data access and deletion.

Since AB 25 includes a January 1, 2021 “sunset clause”, leaving the Bill open for further debate concerning handling of employee data under the CCPA, we could expect further changes during 2021. Therefore, AB 25 will still face significant hurdles before it receives approval by the state senate.

We feel this latest amendment significantly reduces the risk of deploying time and resources to implement a comprehensive CCPA compliance model that includes provisions for HR data and appropriate employee rights, as described above.

The Bill now in the hands of the Senate Appropriations Committee. If it passes, future updates to policies and processes should be relatively easy to integrate into your existing CCPA compliance model.

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