Is Microsoft Complying with Privacy Laws? Dutch Regulator Investigating

The Dutch Data Protection Agency (DPA) is investigating a potential breach of privacy rules by Microsoft, Reuters reported Tuesday.

The regulator says that Microsoft is remotely collecting data from users of Windows Home and Windows Pro, a discovery made while testing privacy protection changes in Windows made last year.

“Microsoft has complied with the agreements made,” the DPA told The Hill in a statement.

“However, the check also brought to light that Microsoft is remotely collecting other data from users. As a result, Microsoft is still potentially in breach of privacy rules.”

The DPA forwarded its findings on the potential brief to its counterpart in Ireland, where Microsoft has a headquarters.

“The DPC has had preliminary engagement with Microsoft and, with the assistance of the Dutch authority, we will shortly be engaging further with Microsoft to seek substantive responses on the concerns raised,” the Irish Data Protection Committee (DPC) told Reuters.

A spokesperson for Microsoft told The Hill they will cooperate with the Dutch DPA and Irish DPC to address any issues.

“The Dutch data protection authority has in the past brought data protection concerns to our attention, which related to the consumer versions of Windows 10, Windows 10 Home and Pro,” they said in a statement. 

“We will work with the Irish Data Protection Commission to learn about any further questions or concerns it may have, and to address any further questions and concerns as quickly as possible.”

Source: Reuters

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