Third-Party Due Diligence

Third-Party Due Diligence

Automated screening, Due diligence, Risk management and Monitoring

Raise your compliance plan to the next level with a third-party application that helps to ensure that third parties align with your organisation’s values.

Simplified Intake and Compliance Checking

We can configure your OneTrust Ethics and Compliance module for integration with compliance screening providers, enabling extended visibility into third parties. You’ll be able to perform compliance checks against:

  1. Adverse media: Persons or organisations with negative or problematic exposure on news channels or social media sites,
  2. Sanctions lists: Persons or organisations engaged in illegal activities,
  3. Politically Exposed Persons PEP,
  4. Bribery and Corruption,
  5. Anti-Slavery,

and more besides.

Centrally Controlled Third-Party Profiles

Manage all third parties in a readily accessible central directory organised by automatic risk tiering. Quickly access specific data on an individual third party with an editable profile and data from internal and external sources.

Automate Risk Assessments

A selection of ready-to-use risk assessment templates and scoring options will enable you to prioritise and track risks, apply suitable treatment approaches and cooperate on remedial activities.


Monitor Compliance and Minimize Risk

Analyse and transform large datasets into intelligent data insights and receive notification of revisions in a third party’s risk profile enabling you to pinpoint risks over time. You can trigger workflows, reminders, or reassessments whenever a risk profile changes and automatically assign specific tasks to the appropriate risk managers.

Record-keeping and Risk Reporting

Monitor your third-party risk management programme’s performance with simple-to-use dashboards. Retrieve and share insights into trends, critical risks and key metrics. Ongoing record-keeping and report templates ensure you will always be audit-ready.

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