Governance & Policy Management

Governance & Policy Management

Enterprise Policy Management

Modernise policy management lifecycle

Following a consultation to establish your specific needs, we will configure the OneTrust Enterprise Policy Management module to enable your organisation to create, distribute, and manage policies across their entire lifecycle. Centralising your library of policies and procedures allows stakeholders to collaborate seamlessly on policy development in a single environment. Administer reviews, approvals, and reporting with resilient workflows and deploy appropriate personnel at the right time with attestation campaigns.

Direct Organizational Culture with Effectual Policy Management

Policy Development and Revision Tracking

We’ll help you to unify cooperation between policy contributors and reviewers with workflows, integration with Microsoft Word, and notifications to ensure everyone stays on course. Review the latest revisions applied to policies within a development cycle and monitor summary updates from one revision to the next, referencing archived policies as and when required.

Policy Gallery and Templates

Gain access to a collection of 50+ ready-to-use security policies from foremost risk management organisations such as the SANS Institute. Build policy templates to ensure uniformity of document structure.

Execute Policy Attestation Campaigns

Monitor policy attestation for business units, individuals, or external associates. Swiftly identify policies that fall below their target attestation and automate the transmission of reminders to non-conforming employees. Launch global attestation campaigns more productively with policy localisation.

Manage Your Policy Exceptions

Permit employees to apply for temporary exemptions from compliance with company procedures, policies, or standards. Capture the employee’s reasons and comments, as well as any evidence to support the acceptance or rejection of an exception request. Utilise exception tracking to discover trends and opportunities for improvement.

Automate Policy Maintenance

Assign a policy expiration date to flag-up non-compliant policies and automatically initiate a periodic review cycle on a policy. Create evergreen policy links to manage the latest version across private and public-facing domains.

Improve Governance with Policy Relationships

Understand relationships across your risk and compliance profile by connecting associated assets, procedures, standards, and controls. Pull reports on compliance coverage across policies.

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