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Medical and Healthcare


You are likely to be handling extremely sensitive high risk category data that requires ruthless attention to detail and systematic auditing and management to minimise data privacy risks. Health records, drug trials, patient and family data requires a specialist approach from experts who really understand the ‘sensitivity’ issues. Our people get this.  

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For smaller businesses starting your GDPR journey or re-checking your regulatory privacy risks.

  • Privacy risk assessment

  • Remedial recommendations program for highly sensitive data categories

  • Programme management and delivery

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For medium sized businesses who may have specific data privacy issues.

  • Highly sensitive data minimization

  • Vendor and partner due diligence within the health sector

  • Subject access rights requests

  • Compliant patient CRM and new customer acquisition strategies

  • Entire outsourced DPO responsibility

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For large health and medical related corporates requiring complex data privacy strategies delivered on time to budget.

  • Specific sector privacy programmes for highly sensitive cross border data categories

  • Complex medical and pharmaceutical logistics and contractual DD

  • Automated search and redacted data solutions for data subject access rights requests

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