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Retail and E-Commerce


Your margins are tight and layering costs to build a privacy team or strategy in a complex digital world is challenging. Your marketing plans are fighting with your compliance frameworks and this needs navigating to resolution in a cost effective way. You are drowning in customer data and only want to keep what you need and best use what you can to drive growth. We really understand this and work behind the scenes to find solutions that support your revenue targets but achieve privacy compliance  

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For smaller businesses with a growing B2C client base, starting your GDPR journey or re-checking your regulatory privacy risks.

  • Privacy risk assessment

  • Remedial recommendations program for on prem, digital or hybrid retailers

  • Programme management and delivery

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For growing retailers who face challenges as your business expands. More complex supply chains, growing customer numbers and more broader marketing strategies and which all need to be privacy compliant.

  • Optimisation of compliant marketing strategies

  • Consents and website integrations to compliance monitoring software

  • Data Minimisation and storage

  • DPIA’s as new technology and business initiatives are introduced

  • Supplier and third party vendor DD

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For large multi-national retailers with cross jurisdictional data transfers and who have global premises and global digital trading

  • Customer centric compliance strategies

  • Fully outsourced DPO offering

  • Interim experts to support internal compliance teams

  • Automation and data privacy tools to increase efficiency and lower costs

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