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Colorado: 40 data breaches since new consumer privacy law …and counting.

Cybersecurity breaches that expose the personal information of consumers have become a common occurrence. And Colorado’s consumer data protection laws are there to provide comfort that should this happen to residents’ own personal data, the affected company must notify them within 30 days.

The state law came into effect in September 2018. But just five months later, in February 2019, 33 organizations had already reported data breaches, with notifications sent to more than 91,000 Colorado residents.

In this post, we take a look at how the Colorado Consumer Data Protection Law is shaping up - and the impact it is having on both consumers and businesses.

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U.S. Justice Department targets perpetrators of “worst data breach in history”

How is it, that some data breaches are swiftly exposed, and perpetrators duly punished, while others can take years of investigations, costing American taxpayers millions of dollars, as stretched legal resources are deployed in bringing cyber-criminals to justice?

In 2015, a highly sophisticated group of hackers committed what was considered one of the worst data breaches in history, involving the theft of personal data belonging to almost 80 million people.

Having identified the alleged suspects, a federal grand jury is now looking to bring the perpetrators to justice, as this intriguing account of international cybercrime unfolds

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