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Who's Affraid of the Big Bad $5B Wolf?

Last Friday's breaking news story by The Wall Street Journal, that the FTC has approved a fine of $5 billion to be imposed on Facebook came may have come as no surprise. But what does this really mean for Facebook? - and how will it affect boardroom conversations about compliance with consumer privacy law?

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New York: Amendment to Disclose Data to Law Enforcement

Facebook, Google and other big tech giants are about to face a 'reckoning,' state attorneys general warn

It would seem that the gloves are off, as some of America's most prolific attorneys general indicate their willingness to take on super-size tech companies, including Google and Facebook, as fears grow concerning mass collection of consumers' personal information.

Law enforcement officials across the U.S. agree that way too much personal data is being harvested and used in ways that increasingly puts peoples' privacy at risk and undermines competition.

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Court reveals Facebook knew of data mining earlier than reported

According to a recent court filing by the Washington DC Attorney General, Facebook already had knowledge of Cambridge Analytica’s “improper data-gathering practices” several months before the Guardian newspaper first reported on them, back in December 2015.

The AG made the allegation while arguing against Facebook’s insistence that a document in the case be kept under seal. The social network argued that the document should be sealed because it contained commercially sensitive information.

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California: Can Facebook really become a privacy-friendly platform?

Would be naive to believe that Mark Zuckerberg built a social network that somehow morphed into what is basically a surveillance system?

Now, Zuckerberg has plans to reshape the company to provide messaging services that serve as “fortresses of privacy”.

Rather than simply being a network that connects people who want to ‘share’ their lives with the multitude, Facebook is aiming to get smaller groups of users to engage in encrypted conversations that cannot be read by Facebook, nor any other outsider.

But is this merely part of an effort to distract government regulators?

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Germany Orders Facebook to Cut Back its Data Collection Activities

As one of the biggest and most prolific U.S. tech companies, Facebook has certainly gained a lot of global attention during the past year or two, but not necessarily for the best reasons.

Germany has just ordered Facebook Inc. to pull back on its data gathering practices in Germany following a landmark ruling that the social network giant abused its market position to collect information about users without their consent.

Privacy concerns run deep in Germany, which is at the forefront of the global backlash against Facebook, stoked up by the Cambridge Analytica scandal last year, in which tens of millions of Facebook profiles were harvested without their users' consent

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More U.S. probes into Facebook’s data privacy practices

Facebook Inc. is once again the target of more state investigations into the alleged mishandling of consumers’ data, increasing the number of government agency investigations into alleged privacy violations against the company, according to a group of people familiar with the matter.

Facebook and other tech giants have been under pressure for over a year after it was revealed that British consultancy Cambridge Analytical acquired data on millions of U.S. users to target election advertising. That led to heads of several tech companies testifying before Congress last year.

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