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Consent and Preference Management


Relevant Regulations

  • GDPR Article 4(11)

  • GDPR Article 6(1)(a)

  • GDPR Article 7

  • GDPR Article 8

  • GDPR Article 9(2)(a)

  • ePrivacy


Consent should often be used as the basis of last resort. However, when no other legal basis is available or there is no legitimate interest, or regulatory need for data processing, consent is often the best way forward. Of course, small organisations are going to be able to conduct the collection and management of consent without using a software tool. However, as organisations become bigger, this will become unmanageable.  If consent is one of the bases you will be using, then a PIA should identify the consent requests you will need to make. You will need to clearly define your data types & ensure that the purposes are clearly defined. This makes up your consent request.

Obtaining, recording and processing consent under the GDPR and other privacy regulations requires operationalising a detailed consent and preference management process. We deploy and work with your IT and Web teams to configure automated tools to provide a platform to allow data subjects greater control and visibility over their communication preferences.


 Our Solution Includes

  • Consent technology backed by deep regulatory guidance-based privacy research

  • Multi-Chanel Consent Collection

  • Creation of a branded Consent Preference Centre

  • Synchronisation of Consent with existing marketing sales and other back-end systems

  • Creation of Consent Audit Trails

  • Streamlined reporting

  • Fully scalable consent solution for small and medium businesses to large enterprises

  • Deployment flexibility in EU cloud, US cloud, or on-premises with the ability to migrate

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