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Third Party and Vendor DD and Compliance


Organisations are putting vendors under the microscope as new regulations increase the potential liability surrounding third-party data breaches. However, the complexity of reducing your vendor risks while simultaneously keeping detailed records for compliance is a daunting task. Through our consultancy or our privacy tools, you can get  360° visibility into your vendors, enabling your organization to mitigate risks while developing an ongoing, defensible compliance position should a vendor breach occur.


Other benefits that we can bring to you are

  • Create a Unified Vendor View with Faster Onboarding

  • Procurement Integration

  • Empower Business Units to Kick-Start Onboarding

  • Save Time with Streamlined Assessment Completion & Review

  • Supply you with Ready-Made Templated Assessments

  • Uncover Your Biggest Risks & Weakest-Link Vendors

  • Streamline Risk Remediation with Powerful Automation

  • Build a Defensible Compliance Position with Comprehensive Recordkeeping scalable for global privacy compliance

  • Maintain Compliance with Vendor Monitoring

  • Hold Vendors Accountable to Their Contracts

  • Confidently Offboard Vendors with Evidence & Audit Trails


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