Join us: Our future looks like you

As a small yet rapidly growing organisation, it’s important to remember where our success comes from. 

So, at The Data Privacy Group, we put our people first. By investing in our team’s professional and personal development, we’re able to grow together. 

The involvement of our people is important to us. We listen to what everyone has to say and where they would like to grow to create a truly inclusive and collaborative work environment. 

We break down traditional corporate workplace barriers – by encouraging exploration, innovation and everyone bringing new ideas to the table. 

Through learning, transparency and communication, we give everyone the opportunity to influence both their personal growth, and the future of The Data Privacy Group.

We want you to be a part of our future, too.

The Data Privacy Group's Characteristics

The Diligent Professional

We embody the principles of Data Privacy.

We are driven to be accurate by getting it right for our clients – globally, every time.

We are reliable and accountable to our colleagues, clients and partners – and focus on the important details.


We thrive on finding new ways to solve problems.

We take an innovative approach that gives us the freedom to create and deliver for our clients.


Collaboration drives better outcomes. We foster our relationships and nurture teamwork with partners, employees and clients alike.

The Orchestrator

We understand how the engine needs to work. 

We can build, fix or improve it. We can make sure it runs better – or show our clients how.

We can orchestrate simplicity through forests of complexity.

The Trusted Advisor

Our clients trust us because we deliver trust.

We keep our client’s needs front of mind to ensure they reach their goals – we have a strong track record of client success built on market-leading qualifications, and being the strategic partner that gets what is important.

Our future looks like you

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Current Vacancies

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What our people say about life at The DPG

The Team Love Working Here

They really champion us to fulfil our whole potential, and that really pushes us to achieve more…So I think that if you are someone who’s ambitious and wants to go far in your career, it’s a great place to work…

Employees Know Their Voices Matter

For me, being part of the company at such an early stage, it’s quite exciting. It’s interesting to see the dynamics of it, and to be part of it. I have the opportunity here to grow with the company… It’s very personal, you’re part of the decision process.

Transparency and Honesty Goes A Long Way

Just being involved in conversations that are really transparent about

pricing, about what the company’s goals are. All of those different things just means that we’re as invested in the company as they seem to be in us

Join us: our future looks like you

What our Clients Say about The DPG

  • Embedded into client accounts

    “They feel like internal team members… sometimes I forget that they’re not part of the internal team. It really speaks to DPG integrating themselves so well.”



  • Clients get on with ‘business-as-usual’

    “For the aspects that they lead, there’s no way we could get it done… there’s a tonne of what they do that I’m sure I never see. Right, that I just reaped the benefits of it… As long as everything’s going smoothly, it’s one less thing I have to worry about.”


What OneTrust say about The DPG

  • Transparent, open and honest

    “There’s definitely an honest partnership relationship…  We know that whatever we discuss they will action and follow through – they are part of the team.”


  • The Data Privacy Group ‘get OneTrust’

    “We know they will always represent the OneTrust brand well, in any situation… They are loyal and dedicated… They’re top of the list for referrals.”