FIFA 20 Error Exposes Players’ Personal Information

Players using the new FIFA 20 Global Series video game had their email addresses and birth dates exposed to other gamers.

EA Sports, the company behind the FIFA video games says it is investigating why some players’ personal information was exposed to other gamers.

When signing up for the new Fifa 20 Global Series players found the online registration form already contained other people’s information.

EA Sports has issued an apology to players for the error, and said:

Player privacy and security are of the utmost importance to us, and we deeply apologise that our players encountered this issue today,

The error resulted in some players’ email addresses and birth dates being exposed to other gamers filling in the registration form.

Aparently, the problem affected some 1,600 people, EA Sports said.

The company said it had found the “root cause” and was confident that players would not see the same mistake again.

Source: BBC Technology

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