Students Queue for New Passwords as German Uni Suffers Cyber-attack

38,000 students in Germany have had to queue in person for new email passwords, following a cyber-attack on their university.

The students at Justus Liebig University (JLU) Giessen have been asked to provide proof of identity in person because of “legal requirements”. The attack occurred on 8 December, taking the entire university offline.

Students were told the university was investigating the incident with the help of Germany’s Research Centre for Cyber Security. In a statement, it said:

All employees and students have to collect their new personal password personally,

Students were asked to bring an ID card to the university’s gym at an allotted time determined by their birth date.

According to the published schedule, it will take a full five days to process all students.

Meanwhile, the university has made 1,200 USB sticks available to staff so computers can be scanned for viruses.

Prof Alan Woodward, at the University of Surrey said:

They are talking about two waves of virus-checking, so they clearly are quite unsure of what has happened,

Source: BBC News

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