The Data Privacy Group recognises the transformative power of AI, however, it’s crucial for companies of all sizes to harness its potential responsibly and ethically.

Our approach is deeply integrated with OneTrust’s robust platform, ensuring AI technologies adhere to the highest standards of data privacy and regulatory compliance. Ultimately, we can help you extend your data privacy, security and governance programmes into your use of AI, whilst meeting emerging AI regulation requirements – ultimately, building trust.

What is AI Governance?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fundamentally transforming our interaction with the digital world. It’s not just changing how we access information; AI is also reshaping our interactions with devices, personalising our experiences, safeguarding our personal information, and even bridging language barriers. This widespread influence of AI underscores its potential and challenges, particularly in terms of data privacy and protection. At its core, AI Governance is a set of structured frameworks, guiding policies and best practices that act as protective boundaries, addressing the ethical, legal and societal implications of AI systems. It’s a complex and rapidly evolving field, with various regulations and guidelines emerging globally.

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We specialise in fully configuring your OneTrust environment and operationalising your privacy programme to ensure it works for you. OneTrust’s platform plays a crucial role in our AI Governance strategy. It provides comprehensive tools for privacy management, risk assessment, and compliance tracking, which are essential in the responsible deployment of AI technologies. By integrating OneTrust’s capabilities, we offer unparalleled oversight and control over AI systems, ensuring they align with legal requirements and ethical norms.

Shaping An AI Governance Framework with OneTrust

 At the core of your AI governance framework is a steadfast commitment to ethical AI. We ensure that AI systems developed and deployed by our clients adhere to the highest ethical standards. This involves assessing AI algorithms for fairness, transparency, and accountability. By integrating OneTrust’s tools, we can monitor and evaluate these ethical considerations more efficiently and effectively.

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Risk Assessment & Management

It’s crucial to conduct thorough risk assessments to pinpoint potential risks and ethical concerns tied to AI systems. This can include evaluating legal, ethical, technical, and societal risks, followed by the implementation of strategies to mitigate these risks.

Internal Auditing & Evaluation

Demonstrate compliance and remain secure with automated integrations that accumulate evidence from tools you already use. This not only reduces the need for your Information Security team to collect data manually, but you also benefit from real-time updates on your security position, allowing you to remedy any deficiencies or anomalies ahead of your audit.

Training & Education

It’s essential for team members involved in AI development and deployment to have a deep understanding of AI technologies, not just at a technical level, but also in terms of their ethical and regulatory implications. With team training sessions and workshops, you can foster a culture of responsible AI practices within your organisation.

Continuous Improvement

AI governance is not a static process; it requires ongoing review, adjustments and adaptation. Organisations should continually refine their governance frameworks based on feedback, technological progress, and evolving societal norms. Regular assessments and updates are essential to ensure that the governance framework remains relevant and effective.

The Data Privacy Group will not only look at your AI development lifecycle but also provide key considerations for governing each phase. Whether you’re looking to integrate the governance of AI into your existing third-party management processes, need assistance engaging stakeholders or evaluating AI’s human impact, we can help you navigate this evolving AI regulatory landscape.

Comprehensive AI Governance: Integrating Global Standards for Ethical and Compliant AI Systems

AI Governance is a continuous journey, and with OneTrust’s dynamic tools, we are uniquely equipped to monitor and enhance AI systems constantly. OneTrust’s analytics and reporting capabilities allow us to track compliance, assess AI performance, and identify areas for improvement.

NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF)

We utilise the NIST AI RMF to deepen our understanding of AI systems, identifying potential risks and developing strategies to mitigate them. This framework guides us in systematically managing risks, ensuring that AI systems are secure and resilient against evolving threats.

OECD Framework

Our approach aligns with the OECD Framework for Classification of AI Systems. We use its comprehensive checklist to assess AI systems, ensuring adherence to each of the OECD principles. This process helps us address any gaps in AI governance, focusing on areas like transparency, fairness, and accountability.

EU AI Act Compliance

We evaluate our AI projects in accordance with the risk categories defined by the European AI Act. This involves conducting thorough conformity assessments and ensuring transparency in our AI operations. Our compliance with the EU AI Act demonstrates our commitment to ethical AI standards and our ability to navigate complex regulatory landscapes.

By integrating these global standards and frameworks into our AI Governance process with OneTrust, we ensure that our AI systems are not only efficient and effective but also ethically sound and compliant with international regulations.