Carbon Accounting

Carbon Accounting

Minimise, offset, and get an accurate visual of your emissions

Your transition to net zero calls for calculations and awareness, as well as minimising and offsetting your company’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Transformation to Net-Zero Emissions

Quantify, Monitor, and Analyse Your Emissions

Determine your carbon footprint and comply with leading carbon accounting standards such as GHG Protocol. OneTrust’s Carbon Accounting software improves the efficiency of data collection with time-saving integrations and comprehensive analysis benchmarked against your industry counterparts.

Zero in on Impact and Reduction

Establish targets for minimising company-wide emissions consistent with current climate studies and effortlessly identify your company’s emission hotspots.

Offsets Customised to Your Organisation

Access your customised climate action portfolio to ascertain which offset projects align with your company’s values, location, and budget. Currently, there are projects across 23 countries, so you’ll have an ecosystem of thoroughly vetted options.

Demonstrate Your Commitment

It is vital that you announce your carbon management results to stakeholders. You can use standards-based reporting and intuitive dashboards to share progress made on calculating, reducing, and offsetting your greenhouse gas emissions.

Scope 1 & 2 Accounting

Accurately calculate your carbon footprint across Scope 1 & 2

Scope 1 emissions (direct emissions) include greenhouse gases resulting from the combustion of fuels owned or controlled by your organisation. Scope 2 (indirect emissions) results from the consumption of purchased/acquired energy. Planetly helps you accurately measure and reduce Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions.

Analyse your company’s Logistics Carbon Footprint

OneTrust’s ESG module has an interactive dashboard, which allows you to measure your logistics carbon footprint for all relevant modes of transport, including road, rail, air, sea, and transhipment. You can look at your carbon calculation from freight and transport using the GLEC Framework and DIN EN 16258 European Standard.

Bring Transparency to Your Carbon Footprint

After you have calculated your footprint across Scopes 1 and 2, established your targets, and begun analysing your footprint over time, you can start sharing your progress. In addition, Planetly enables you to report your carbon footprint to stakeholders. 

Reductions & Offset Marketplace

Achieve net-zero carbon footprint with reductions and offsets

Create a comprehensive reduction and offset blueprint for immediate and long-term environmental impact. The DPG’s configuration of OneTrust can help you set ambitious carbon reduction targets and locate a wide range of certified offset projects worldwide.

Effective Carbon Reduction

Identifying Emission Hotspots

Identify and understand your predominant emission drivers by gaining transparency concerning your company’s carbon emissions. OneTrust’s analysis enables you to define “easy-wins” like reduction potentials that can be implemented short- to mid-term without altering your core business model.

Implement a Decarbonisation Strategy

Fixing ambitious targets based on current climate science will help you from assessment to target modelling and all the way through to implementing a decarbonisation strategy. Our support includes sector-specific reduction measures for your core business operations. 

Minimise Emissions with Green Energy

Green energy is undoubtedly one of the most effective carbon-reduction levers for organisations serious about reducing their carbon footprint. There are numerous options for you to consider, from switching to a green electricity provider or using renewable energy to installing solar panels at your site.

Simplify Tracking and Reporting

We believe it’s essential to communicate your progress with stakeholders. And with a reduction potential of 30-40%, there’s a great deal to make known. Interactive dashboards allow you to monitor and track your performance against targets and customise the output based on your reporting needs.

A Wide Array of Carbon Offset Projects to Choose From

During the early stages of your climate journey, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to reduce all emissions immediately. Offsetting needs to be a step-by-step process to have a significant effect. OneTrust provides an offset marketplace of vetted projects across 23 nations, from renewable energy and forest replenishment projects to clean drinking water programs.

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