ESG & Sustainability

ESG & Sustainability

ESG Program Management

By outsourcing the task of configuring your ESG platform to our OneTrust specialists, you will have the time and resources to accelerate your journey to building an inclusive organisation and developing trust. Our OneTrust implementation team will configure the ESG module to simplify the gathering, storing and assessing of your company’s ESG data and metrics.

Simplified ESG Reporting & Transparency Creation

As organisations continue to realise the impact of day-to-day business practice on the broader community, they are prioritising ESG metrics and initiatives. Your fully configured OneTrust ESG module will help streamline relevant first and third-party data collection, reporting and analysis.

Unify Your ESG Program Management Activities

Integral ESG Standards and Bespoke Reporting

Numerous data sources exist across your organisation. We will configure your ESG & Sustainability module to unify these inputs, enabling you to produce automated reports across frameworks, including GRI, SASB, CDP, TCFD, WEF and more.

Monitor Progress and Prioritise ESG Plans

When fully configured by our OneTrust implementation team, ESG materiality assessments will help to identify your priority plans, while automated workflows make your strategy a reality. In addition, data analysis contained within a single dashboard will provide the intelligence required to power success and convey your progress to stakeholders.

ESG Program Reporting & Disclosures

Simplify ESG data collection, reporting disclosures, and analysis

Productive management of your ESG program requires centralised reporting and precise, proactive analysis to help you;

  1. prioritise sustainability and broader ESG initiatives,
  2. set goals
  3. track progress

ESG reporting functionality can assist you in bringing transparency to your organisation.

Centralise ESG Data and Populate Reports Automatically

The DPG’s configuration of OneTrust will allow you to track your ESG program management requirements in one place. Centralising your data collection and producing automated reports according to framework will allow you to concentrate more on ESG strategy and less on administration.

Track Intelligible Metrics and Monitor Progress

The ability to map metrics back to ESG initiatives will enable you to apply projections and track your progress on targets with real-time dashboards. In addition, continuous reporting provides your stakeholders with transparency and automates the disclosure process.

Streamline ESG Materiality Assessments and Prioritise Key Initiatives

A materiality assessment will help you identify and prioritise ESG initiatives centred around your stakeholders’ unique requirements. Data analysis will help determine the value of your ESG strategy.

Drive Action and Track Progress

Automatic workflows and task-management turn strategy into action. A single dashboard allows you to;

  1. set organisational targets
  2. manage tasks & actions
  3. track progress, and 
  4. share as a tool for stakeholder training and empowerment

Investor Portfolio Management

Invest through a sustainable lens

Implement compliant ESG reporting and management for your financial investment portfolio.

Centralised ESG Portfolio Management

Gain valuable insights into the ESG performance of your business portfolio. Align your ESG undertakings with global ESG frameworks such as GRI, regulatory requirements (SFDR, EU Taxonomy, TCFD), or custom KPIs based on your company’s priorities.

Define ESG Reporting and Data Collection Practices

As part of our configuration service, we’ll help you set up comprehensive data monitoring, enabling you to produce insights on your investment portfolio’s ESG performance with an interactive dashboard. Effortlessly compare GHG emissions versus the value of your investment in each company.

Analyse Carbon Statistics on a Company and Portfolio Level

We’ll help you set up complete carbon management and determine emission drivers in your investment portfolio in your dashboard. Assign science-based targets on a portfolio level and monitor the carbon reduction progress.