Interactive Code of Conduct

Interactive Code of Conduct

Increase Efficiency and Engagement of Your Employee Code of Conduct

Stimulate heightened engagement with your Code of Conduct to amplify your organisation’s values, culture and ethics programme.

Minimise commercial risk by educating employees with routine training and maintaining compliance with relevant domestic and international laws and regulations.

Helping you Build a Fully Interactive Experience

Our professional OneTrust configuration service can enable you to do away with paper or lengthy PDF documents your employees are unlikely to read. Instead, you can leverage the power of up-to-date digital marketing procedures and behavioural analytics to verify that your employees are conversant with and applying your Code of Conduct. We’ll be helping you deliver an experience that motivates your people to become fully engaged participants in your Ethics program.

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Leverage Analytics to Enhance Your Message

Data-rich reports and analytics help you identify what information and messages engage your employees and what don’t. Easily monitor your program and reveal where engagement is lacking via useful dashboards, enabling you to swiftly take preemptive steps to mitigate possible illegal or unethical behaviours.