Speak-Up Culture Assurance

Speak-Up Culture Assurance

Develop trust by creating an inclusive organisation

Trust is the new brand equity, which leads to mutual value and respect with your clients. However, trust is easily destroyed (and not easily created). Our breadth of insight and experience in delivering robust data privacy solutions will be evident when you begin to deploy your custom-configured OneTrust installation to forge trust relationships with your customers, vendors and third parties.

Empower and Protect Reporters

Provide employees and third parties with the tools to communicate openly and anonymously when requesting guidance, highlighting ethics-related risks, or raising concerns. e.g., you can create trust by making your multi-channel helpline accessible whilst providing unidentified communication between stakeholders.

Your Ethics and Compliance team is responsible for documenting your company’s position on inclusivity and embedding it within your organisation’s culture.

Modernise Ethics and Compliance Case Administration

Create trust with your staff, modernise investigations, raise reporting rates, and finalise cases 48% faster than the industry average. Customisation allows you to configure the required data to collaborate and maintain the quality of your investigations.

Streamline Disclosure Management

By separating disclosure management from conventional case management, you can empower your employees to highlight potential conflicts of interest. We set up your rules-based processes and simplified reporting to help automate disclosure management and provide a visual representation of critical trends and risks.

Helpline & Case Management

Remove obstructions and close cases quicker

Amplify your company’s speak-up culture with customised whistleblowing helplines. Develop trust with your employees by creating an early warning system, streamlining investigations, and increasing your reporting rate.

Establish Hotlines for Reporters and Administrators

Whether you’re looking to prioritise faster implementation, advance your speak-up culture, or require support for managing a considerable reporting volume, we can provide a helpline and case management solution that suits your company’s needs. Informers can set anonymity preferences and submit reports confidently, while case managers benefit from organised investigation etiquette.

Surface Relevant Information in a Timely Fashion

Establish a single repository of truth for your employees and keep tabs on engagement with integrated analytics for continuous program enhancement. Provide real-time content and program updates that keep employees and stakeholders up to date on regulatory guidelines and relevant program details.

Collaborate and Communicate with Reporters

Centralised case management can maximise teamwork among collaborators. Opt-in email alerts keep reporters informed while investigators and compliance teams communicate directly with reporters – including those who choose to remain anonymous. Automate the reporter outreach for retaliation follow-ups and ensure clear paths for all reporters, anonymous and named, to report retaliation when it occurs.

A Customised Solution Centred around Your Requirements

We know compliance incident reports are rarely straightforward. Helpline and Case Management functions allow unlimited numbers of administrators to be added to a case without incurring extra charges. Multiple allegations can also be added and managed to closure. Custom permissions keep departments such as HR engaged whilst sensitive information is fully protected.

Disclosure Management

Minimise Risk with Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosure Software

Complete your due diligence and safeguard your organisation by continually tracking, managing and monitoring disclosures with our intuitive solution, which separates disclosure management from traditional case management and empowers your staff to report potential conflicts of interest.

Automate Your Disclosure Workflow

Utilise intelligent workflows to streamline the distribution and approval of disclosure surveys. Select specific groups of employees by integrating them with your HR systems. Customise individual workflows, messages and reminders to suit your business and regulatory needs. Apply manual intervention only when it is needed by automatically tracking completion rates.

Avoid Conflicts of Interest

The most effective method for mitigating risk is swiftly identifying and eradicating the threat before it becomes a severe problem. Disclosure Management equips ethics and compliance personnel with a dashboard to review disclosure information and investigate potential risks to maintain legal and regulatory compliance and ensure alignment with your company’s policies and values.

Maximum Impact Through Integration

Our custom implementation of OneTrust’s Disclosure Management software can integrate with your HR system to deliver multiple rules-based campaigns to the right target audience at the right time while comparing employee activity with actions. You can also gain a complete view of campaigns, training, and policies based on your all-inclusive compliance program.