GRC & Security Assurance

GRC & Security Assurance

Configuring OneTrust’s Privacy, Security, and Data Governance Programs can be a daunting task for most mid and large-scale enterprises. And despite the platform’s considerable power to deliver myriad benefits, it does not reveal its secrets easily. 

We provide a complete professional services implementation of OneTrust by configuring the modules for you to deliver all the benefits while saving you valuable time and resources and minimising risk.

Audit & Compliance Management

The DPG’s configuration of the OneTrust Audit & Compliance Management functions empowers organisations to centrally manage and streamline the fulfilment of risk or compliance audits, work papers, control testing, evidence collection, and issue management.

Governance & Policy Management

The DPG configures and tailors the OneTrust Enterprise Policy Management module to your organisation’s specific needs, enabling your organisation to create, distribute, and manage policies across their entire lifecycle.

IT Risk & Security Assurance

The DPG operationalises your risk management programs, enabling mitigation of IT risk and enforcing security procedures. Catalogue and connect your IT network, quantify and scrutinise risk, and make informed decisions with role-based reports.

Third-Party Risk Management

Rejuvenate each stage of your third-party lifecycle with DPG customised, automated workflows. Leverage the power of OneTrust, combined with the DPG’s best practices to minimise Third-Party Risk and build trusted relationships.