Configuring the OneTrust modules to deliver desired results and benefits can involve a steep learning curve and a strain on your technical resources. So instead, leverage our advanced knowledge and expertise and experience a complete professional implementation of your privacy, security, and data governance programs.

Scale your IT risk management programs

As part of our professional services implementation, we’ll help you put your risk management programs to work, enabling mitigation of IT risk and enforcing security procedures. Catalogue and connect your IT network, quantify and scrutinise risk, and make informed decisions with role-based reports.

Build End-To-End Security Certification Compliance

We can provide support with establishing a risk-based culture by leveraging the frameworks and internal audits you need for adequate security and privacy standards across your organisation.

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Perfect Your Risk Assessment and Mitigation Procedures

We believe the best way to minimise IT and security vulnerability is to construct a clear-cut risk management process. OneTrust’s IT and Security Risk Management solution helps to connect data across your organisation to:

Highlight risk

in context

Optimise controls

for mitigating risk

Gain real-time visibility

into your risk viewpoint

Plan for Incident Response

To manage security incidents effectively, your plans for incident response need to be integrated with your evolving risk management practices. We’ll ensure you have flexible intake options to collate and triage incidents with dynamic scripts to guide response.

Security Certification Compliance

Build and scale an automated security compliance program

Implement robust standards for data privacy, information security or cybersecurity throughout your organisation to create a compliant, risk-based culture. Engage employees to assist in gathering evidence to demonstrate compliance.

Security ~ Your Commercial Edge

Our experienced team will help you Streamline the way you Manage Multiple Frameworks and Compliance across the Business

Implementing any individual framework could mean adding more than a hundred controls for SOC2, PCI DSS or ISO, and over one thousand controls for NIST. This amount of effort increases rapidly when you apply multiple frameworks across your business units. A custom implementation by our team of OneTrust experts will configure your controls company-wide in areas of overlap or individually for unit-specific controls such as data encryption. Our approach will save many hours of unnecessary work across your business units and security frameworks.

Right-Size Your Security Strategy with Professional Advice

Demystify security standards with provided templates written by security compliance specialists with IT and auditing proficiency. This documentation, combined with scoping wizards and risk assessments, will help you right-size your security program and implement appropriate audit-ready controls.

Continuous Compliance via Automated Evidence Collection

Demonstrate compliance and remain secure with automated integrations that accumulate evidence from tools you already use. This not only reduces the need for your Information Security team to collect data manually, but you also benefit from real-time updates on your security position, allowing you to remedy any deficiencies or anomalies ahead of your audit.

Streamline Oversight and Delegate Tasks

Despite being small, Security teams have an enormous responsibility to ensure proper security controls are employed and all personnel adhere to best practices to protect organisational and personal data. In-platform guidance simplifies compliance by delegating pertinent tasks to non-InfoSec employees and helps you to construct a risk-based culture across your organisation.

Audit Certification Simplified

Many security standards will need to be examined by a third party to achieve certification; virtually all of them will require internal audit compliance. Make sure you are managing the examination process to easily collaborate, rectify findings and construct an authoritative data source for future audit and security requirements.

IT and Security Risk Management

Putting your risk assessment and mitigation practices to work

The best way to reduce IT and cybersecurity vulnerabilities while building trust with key stakeholders is to devise a coherent risk management process. We’ll configure OneTrust’s IT and Security Risk Management functions to help identify and treat risk according to your business goals.

Evaluate Risk and Prioritize Appropriate Action

Evaluate your quantifiable and qualitative risks with control libraries licensed from eminent regulatory frameworks such as GDPR, ISO and NIST. Leverage a versatile risk procedure to dynamically indicate and quantify IT risk stemming from assessment responses or system updates.

Ensure the Effectiveness of Security and IT Controls

Exploit integrated data feeds from neighbouring systems and automatic appraisals to track real-time changes and test control sets with self-assessments to calculate maturity and effectiveness. In addition, you can optimise control management by mapping information assets across compliance obligations and tapping into AI-driven control suggestions.

Visualise Your Risk Analysis and Report Program Performance

Intuitive dashboards make it much easier to spot Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) or identified risks and areas of likely exposure across assets, processes, or vendors. You can use ready-to-use dashboard templates, or we’ll walk you through how to personalise your own to illustrate the health of your IT risk management program and produce summary reports in the format of your choice.

Control Security Incidents

Pre-emptively safeguard your organisation and plan for incident response

A productive security incident management process should incorporate response plans with your continuing risk management practices. Our configuration of the Security Management module will deliver a versatile intake and progressive workflow for stakeholders to report, organise and develop prolonged business continuity.

Incident Response Playbook

To help make life easier for all concerned, we can configure escorted workflows relating to response exercises and create templates for you to devise response plans that comply with regulatory requirements and fulfil security policies. Integrate adaptive rules and reason derived from data elements, such as affected systems, operating territories, or the kind of information involved. This will ensure that the appropriate teams are engaged and performing relevant mitigation activities.

Assess Impact on the Business

Examine real-time incidents and potentially compromised data and assets discovered during an investigation. Plot the range of impact across assets and business processes, regulatory authorities, and operating jurisdictions. Appraise current controls to quantify the actual or possible extent of the incident and inform mitigation next steps.

Streamline Incident Analysis

List previous incidents and link them to current risks or create a new risk record. Utilise additional context your risk management teams have accumulated to improve response and mitigation tactics derived from identified threats, weaknesses, and asset details.

Simplify Incident Reporting and Effect Required Action

Access the most comprehensive regulatory database to acquire relevant guidance on notification requirements by region. Choose the required incident management process action based on law enforcement requirements for documentation and notification, along with necessary timelines. Utilise response templates for speedy completion.

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