Privacy & Data Governance

Privacy & Data Governance

Comply with ever changing regulations, establish trust with stakeholders and build an organisational culture of accountability which goes above and beyond compliance.

Data Governance

Effective Data Governance is the heart of your privacy program and is the best way to understand the data you hold to unlock its true potential and propel innovation.

Rights Management

Operationalise the management of Privacy Rights requests in a single, secure platform. The DPG configure web forms, workflows and response templates so you can handle requests efficiently and consistently.

Consent Management

Turn customer touchpoints into Digital Trust points to deliver valuable experiences and build meaningful relationships.

Incident & Breach Management

Automated Incident Management workflows embedded with context and attribute values enable your organisation to promptly react to incidents and audits in accordance with applicable laws or custom use cases.

Policy & Notice Management

Centralise the management of Privacy Policies and Disclosures and eliminate the need for complex and costly web development work.

Third Party Risk Management

TPRM is an ongoing initiative that requires buy-in from many stakeholders. Streamlining the process simplifies decision-making and gives organisations the ability to monitor their third party relationships over time, identifying new risks as they arise, as well as measuring third party performance.

Education & Training

Ensure your staff have access to an ever-expanding library of content specifically designed to train your staff in Privacy awareness essentials and facilitate a privacy-first culture in your organisation.

Privacy Office+

Easily budget for even the most challenging scenarios with The DPG’s compliance-as-a-service solution. Build an evergreen Privacy Program driven by continuous improvement as the regulatory landscape and industry best practices evolve.