Supplier Sustainability & Responsibility

Supplier Sustainability & Responsibility

Calculate Scope 3 emissions and establish a greener supply chain

Having a decisive effect on supplier carbon management requires understanding your supply chain’s carbon footprint and taking measures to mitigate emissions and minimise reputational risk.

Calculate Scope 3 Carbon Emissions

Streamline data collection using integrations that facilitate collaboration and accurate calculation of your Scope 3 footprint. Gain a workable understanding of your suppliers’ emissions over time and see how they compare with leading carbon accounting standards such as GHG Protocol.

Collaborate on Supplier Sustainability Targets

Set targets for supply chain sustainability with your suppliers and automate follow-ups to enforce accountability. Examine actions taken to reduce emissions to communicate in disclosure reports.

Easily Report on Supply Chain Performance

Ready-made templates and industry benchmarks simplify reporting on the sustainability of your supply chain. In addition, you can export reports to communicate progress with team members or external stakeholders.

Scope 3 Accounting

Accurately calculate your indirect or third-party carbon footprint

Effective carbon management requires more than understanding your organisation’s direct impact on the environment. It also demands understanding your indirect or Scope 3 footprint. Use OneTrust’s Planetly software to measure and manage your complete emissions profile accurately.

Calculate Your Scope 3 Carbon Footprint

Scope 3 emissions comprise the remainder of indirect GHG emissions not covered by Scope 2, which occur externally, such as in the supply chain or during travel or commuting. Planetly assists you in accurately calculating and mitigating Scope 3 emissions.

Bring Carbon Emissions Transparency to Your Supply Chain

Using a single dashboard, you can identify the carbon footprint for single products or complete product lines to identify carbon drivers and reduction possibilities. Engage your suppliers in the computation process to enhance accuracy and results.

Track Supply Chain Performance Over Time

Set targets for supplier emissions and track performance improvements over time. Determine new reduction opportunities within your supply chain and communicate actions taken or improvements made to key stakeholders.

Supplier Due Diligence

Construct a more sustainable, responsible supply chain and minimise reputational risk

Conventional third-party risk management prioritises security and privacy. However, as organisations have become more aware of their broader impact, ESG has become a modern third-party factor in building organisational trust. With OneTrust’s Supplier Due Diligence software, you can streamline how you assess your suppliers and hold them accountable.

Track Supplier Sustainability Targets

Define crucial sustainability metrics and utilise real-time tracking with custom assessments to monitor supplier performance against targets. Create automatic follow-ups to hold suppliers accountable. Collaborate with your suppliers within the platform to ensure data quality.

Moderate ESG Risks and Identify Opportunities

Calculate risks automatically based on targets and leverage workflows to attain supplier sustainability targets. Audit actions taken for disclosures reporting.

Compare Supplier ESG Scorecards & Report on Sustainability

Utilise ready-made reports to help inform decisions on supplier relationships and choose the best sourcing option for your company. Assess and compare your suppliers to benchmark performance.

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